Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange Reveal

***No Sunday Hymn due to the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange***

Welcome, sweet friends,
to the 10th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange reveal.
Today is the day we get to oooh and aaah over tea cup and mug loveliness.
You will find this post is filled with photos from participants who don't have blogs
and at the end of the post there is a link-up for the women who do have blogs
so we can visit them and see more beauty.
I hope you enjoy your visit and please,
take your time in viewing all of this delightfulness. . .
simply relax and soak it in.

Before we begin I want to express my gratitude
to all of you ladies who participated in the 10th Exchange.
Your participation brings me great joy and delight.
All of you truly make this event more special and beautiful.
You are a unique and precious group of ladies 
and it's an honor to be able to host this exchange for you.
Thank you for simply being YOU!

As you know this was the 10th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange.
This event started with just a handful of sweet ladies
and it has grown each time with the number of participants 
totaling 212 this time.
Truly amazing!

There is also a handful of precious ladies 
that have participated in all or close to all of the exchanges 
and I wanted to simply thank them for their faithful participation.

Linda C. from Lady Linda
Margie from Tea in the Valley
Linda W. from My Sew What Blog
Belle from Australia {no blog}
Patti from the USA {no blog}
Betty from the USA {no blog}
Gabriele from the USA {no blog}
Christy from the USA {no blog}

During the exchange I host a giveaway for the participants
and this year I am giving away two Teavana gift cards
to two lovely winners.
To find out who won 
you will have to scroll to the end of the post.
Also, I have some news at the end of this post
that you will want to read about.

Finally, one last thing I would like to make mention of. . .
Sadly, there are times women sign up 
that don't keep their promise of sending a package.
My desire for this exchange is for everyone to be blessed
and by being able to do that the women who join the exchange
have the option of volunteering to send an extra package if needed.
I am truly amazed at how many ladies willingly put their name in as volunteers.
This year four volunteers were needed.
I chose to send an extra package, but I still needed three more ladies
so I sent an email to the volunteers asking if they would like to send an extra package.
Within 5 minutes I heard back from close to 40 women 
saying they would love to volunteer.
My sweet friends, when I read their emails I cried. . .
what love, what kindness, what selflessness!
May I just say all of you dear ladies are amazing!
I would like to bring special attention to the three ladies
who had the joy of blessing someone with a tea cup package
because the original lady did not come through:
Lisa, Kris, and Bonnie.
Hana is one that would not have received a package
had there been no volunteers.
Hane wrote me the sweetest email after receiving her package from Lisa
and I just had to share it with you.
This is what she said:

Dear Stephanie,
I want to just thank you for all that you did 
to ensure that I received a package and tell you that this tradition 
is one of the sweetest, most memorable things I have participated in 
for quite some time that encompasses so much that I love! 
Tea...tea cups...mugs...friendship...letter writing...brown paper packages ♡ 
This is the first time I participated in this and it has filled me with so much happiness
 and left me feeling incredibly blessed. 
Thanks for spreading the love, Stephanie! 
Hana Belle

Let the fun begin, my friends!
Brew yourself a cup of tea, coffee, cappuccino, or hot cocoa,
grab a sweet treat, and sit back and enjoy the photos.

She was an adventurer at heart;
but oh how she loved drinking this tea
from this mug in this chair.
Oh, how she loved to be home.
- Unknown -

To Ruth - From Sarah

To Deb - From Denise

To Teresa - From N. Ann

To Adeline - From Miriam

To Shirley - From Susan

To Pamela - From Debbie

To Anne - From Teresa

To Cheryl - From Kathy

To Frances - From Michelle

To Kat - From Diana

To Jo - From Lynn

To Debra - From June

To Lisa-Renee - From Sandy

To Kathy - From Frances L.

To Christy - From Chas

To Sue K. - From Deborah B.

To Dawn - From Christy

To Marina - From Kelly

To Annie - From Lyn

To Julia - From Sam

To Betty - From Paula

To Sarah - From Tamela

To Marlene - From Paula

To Miriam - From Daniela

To Sarah - From Emily

To Susan - From Julia

To Margaret - From Elizabeth

To Olivia - From Abigail

To Rebekah - From Sharon

To Abigail - From Sarah

To Tamela - From Rebecca

To Lynn - From Ronny

To Dana - From Pamela

To Jacqueline - From Margie

To Dee Ann - From Dana

To Regina - From Karen

To Kaitlyn - From Brielle

To Deborah - From Dee Ann

To Barbara - From Linda

To Libby - From Elisha

To Brielle - From Lacey

To Michelle - From Dawn

To Christianna - From Elisabeth

To Janae - From Maggie

To Joanne - From Tanya

To Dee - From Denise

To Tiina - From Lily

To Adria - From Deborah

To Elisabeth - From Destiny

To Ann - From Adria

To Ashleigh - From Lori

To Mary Jo - From Sharon

To Kris - From Pamela

To Elizabeth - From Debra

To Emma - From Christianna 

To Salinn - From Bonnie

To Diana - From Tricia

To Tricia - From Shirley

To Maggie - From Anna-Kate

To Kara - From Ashleigh

To Emily - From Skyeler

To Rebecca - From Emily

To Emily - From Kara

To Mal - From Kaitlyn

To Eva - From Dawn

To Chas - From Susan

To June - From Mary Jo

To Paula - From Sheri

To Sam - From Debbie

To Karen - From Amy

To Hana - From Lisa

To Susan - From Melanie

To Gabriele - From Margaret

To Debbie - From Kim

To Sarah Faith - From Grace

To Angela - From Cheryl

To Lydia - From D. Lizbeth

To Patti - From Karen

To Marian - From Patti

To Anne - From Peg

To Rosalyn - From Janae

To Marina - From Mary Anne

To Augusta - From Tanya

To Peg - From Jen

To Lynn - From Sarah

To Dawn - From Joanne

To Lisa-Renee - From Gabriele

To LeAnna - From Kiera

To Allison - From Pat

To Olivia - From Maria

To Dana - From Jo

To Adria - From Maria

To Kiera - From Shawnale

To Sam - From Deanna

To Montse - From Lily

To Karen - From Mary

To Susan - From Dana

To Marina - From Mary Anne

To Shannon - From LeAnna

To Janae - From Kaye

To Jo - From Sam

To Joanne - From Margaret

To Gabriele - From Lynn

To Eva - From Olivia

To Sarah - From Brianna

To Brianna - From Irene

Okay, let's announce the two winners of the $25.00 Teavana gift cards.
Drum roll, please. . . 

Deborah Brooks
{no blog}
Mary Anne Richardson

Congratulations, lovely ladies!
You will receive an email directly from Teavana
with the gift card attached to it.
Happy shopping!

Now for my news. . .
As you know I host this event twice a year-
once in the Spring and once in the Fall.
While I love this event and it has a special place in my heart
I am thinking I need to cut back and do the exchange only once a year.
Since the number of participants is increasing 
I am finding the exchange to be a tad bit more work
and I must confess that twice a year is getting to be a bit much.
So at this time I will host the exchange as promised 
this coming fall, likely sometime in September.
I will then host the next exchange in September 2018. . .
at least this is the plan.
If you would like to read more about this beloved event
please click here.

Again, many, many thanks to all of you ladies
for making the 10th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange extra lovely.

For those of you who have blogs
please link up your reveal post below.
You will notice the link-up is in word form only
and no picture will show up.

If you would like to sign up for an email notification 
for the next Tea Cup and Mug Exchange 
than simply click on the link below:
I will email you only once 
when the time arrives for the next exchange.

If you want to receive weekly notifications from my blog 
you can sign up by clicking on the link below:

Have a beautiful day, dear friends!
Love and hugs to you!
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